Dresses are elegant clothing items, but just like any other piece, you probably have your go-to brands or stores when dress shopping. When browsing for your new dress, you'll likely come across various fabrics, styles and colors.

But it's not always guaranteed they will compliment your body type, never mind whether they're appropriate for the occasion you wish to wear them! With so many choices, shopping can become an exhaustive and time-consuming experience. 

Fear not; if you're a busy person, there's one. versatile item that can be used for various situations - a maxi dress.

Maxi dresses combine style, comfort and class, making them an all-rounder piece of clothing for your closet. In this article, uncover the secrets to selecting the best maxi dress for your body. 


More about the Maxi Dress

The maxi dress isn't a new fashion item; in fact, it's been around for over half a century! Its birth was in the 1960s when the iconic Oscar de La Renta debuted his design at an Elizabeth Arden Fashion Show.

Since then, it's grown in popularity, loved by many generations of women. The reason why they've never gone out of fashion is because they've not been limited to a certain style. 

The maxi dress is seasonless, versatile, comfortable and stylish. You can also dress them up or down with accessories, being a dress you can depend on.


What defines a maxi dress?

If we rely on a textbook definition for the maxi dress, it would be like a full-length dress that reaches your ankles to the floor. They provide your lower body with maximum coverage and are comfortable to wear. 

On the contrary, the dress is more figure-fitting on the top, showing your upper body and curves and then flaring out from the waist down. 

Sounds quite Victorian, right? 

It's anything but. 

Maxi dresses are incredibly flattering and come in a range of styles, designs, necklines, and back designs. They're made from fabrics, from cotton to luxurious materials like silk or satin.

See for yourself; check out our wide variety of them here


Choosing the Right Maxi Dress for Different Body Shapes

Before trying on any maxi dress, you must know the best ones that complement your body type. Here are some of our top tips on picking maxi dresses according to your physique: 



If you fall within the petite category, always consider a curve-fitted silhouette dress. This style saves you from looking like you're drowning in the dress. To elongate your legs, select an address with a higher waistline and show some skin to give some visual appeal. You can't go wrong with a slit or spaghetti straps! 

Our Favorite: Emerald Silk Long Sleeve


Plus size

Do you class yourself as plus size? Then look for dresses that skim off your body, not hugging it. An empire silhouette dress can provide a flattering fit, showing off your curves. Always opt for strapless or thicker straps and darker colors to have a slimming effect. 


Our Favorite: Black Slit Long Sleeve

Small bust 

Make the most of your small cup size by wearing maxi dresses with open backs and sexy deep-dive necklines. If you want to enhance your bust, opt for a maxi dress with molded cups providing the illusion of a larger bust. 

Our Favorite: Blue Grey Satin Slip


Large bust 

If you have a large bust, then you'll want a dress that highlights your waistline. Consider selecting a wrap style or fitted maxi, to save the illusion of looking broader than you are. 

Opt for higher necklines with slight v and boat necks, that stop you from overexposing cleavage, leaving you looking classy and elegant. Avoid pleats and ruffles, as this can enhance your curves again, making you look bigger. 

Our Favorite: Sky Blue Silk Wrap



Do you classify yourself as tall? If so, you have a range of styles to pick from, from fitted to flowy. You can even experiment with various necklines like halter necks or scoop necks. Bold prints and battens also work well on a taller frame. 

Our Favorites: Red One Shoulder


Accessory Pairings to Enhance Maxi Dress Outfits

Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Want to elevate your look, raise the eyebrows of passersby or subtly look stunning wearing a maxi dress? Then, accessories are your best friend. Here are some accessories that pair well with maxi dresses:


A stylish belt can always enhance your figure if you've got a flowy or loose-fitting maxi dress. Try playing around with different belt styles, from thin or wide, round or rectangular buckles, to ones that compliment your maxi dress. 


You can't forget shoes when it comes to accessorizing your maxi dress. Shoes are a staple piece that can make you look laid back, edgy or glamorous, depending on your selection! 

Opt for flip-flops, flats or sandals for a more casual or laid-back look. If you want to add height or elegance, consider platform wedges or heels, especially if you dress drapes on the floor. 


Jewelry can add drama and attract attention to your image, depending on the type and style of your maxi dress. If you have a low-neck dress, opt for a piece of statement jewelry to hide your cleavage and showcase your collarbone. Meanwhile, if you're wearing a summery maxi dress, wear studs or dangle earrings for everyday sophistication.


Always think about the type of bag you want to pair with your maxi dress. Clutches or small handbags always work well with formal dresses or evening events. However, if you're planning a more casual look, opt for a tote back. 

Seasonal Maxi Dress Options: From Summer to Winter

While maxi dresses can be pretty much worn in any season, some specific ones are more suited to different times of year. For guidance, here are some things to consider for each season:


  • Always opt for breathable fabrics like light jersey, chiffon or cotton as temperatures begin to get warmer
  • Soft pastel colors like baby blue, blush pink, mint green, and lavender provide a fresh and light spring look 
  • Wear short-sleeved maxi dresses to get ready for the lighter season 


  • Select lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen, cotton and chiffon to stay cool
  • Always go for short-sleeved or sleeveless
  • Wear bright colors or floral prints 


  • Think about slightly heavier fabrics for the change of temperature, such as denim, knit or jersey 
  • Opt for earthy colors like rich brown, orange, olive green, mustard yellow 
  • If you want prints, plaid, dark florals or checks are always good 


  • Go for thick fabrics like velvet or wool to give warmth
  • Wear textured fabrics such as cable knits or ribbed knits 
  • If you're seeking comfort or warmth, sweater maxi dresses or long sleeves works 

The Perfect Occasions for Wearing a Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is an item of clothing that can be worn on many occasions. Got an important event coming up? Check out our suggestions: 


Maxi dresses can be a great option for brunch with your girlfriends. They're classy and effortlessly chic and can be paired with sandals, heels, or sneakers. 


If you've got a gala or black tie event coming up, maxi dresses can also do wonders for a formal function. When thinking about this, consider glamorous dresses that are floor-length. You might want to select more formal fabrics like satin, silk, velvet or sequins.


Maxi dresses can be very great to wear if you've got a flight or train to catch. Select materials like cotton or chiffon if you want to stay stylish yet comfortable. 

What are the Current Trends in Maxi Dress Fashion?

Want to stay stylish for 2024? Here are some of the top maxi dress trends to watch out for:

Wrap maxi dress

Wrap maxi dresses are predicted to be popular again in 2024, just like how they took 2023 by storm. These dresses are the perfect feminine item, helping accentuate your waist and adding grace and elegance to any event.

If you've got a formal event, our satin wrap dress, like our White Wrap Long, can work wonders. 

Off the shoulder

If you've got a vacation planned for the summer, an off-the-shoulder dress can add a playful look. The best fabrics for these are linen or jersey, making them light, breathable and comfortable to wear. Our White Off the Shoulder is a popular piece.

Black slip

If you've got an evening event to attend, one popular trend is a black slip dress. It's simple and chic and pairs well with any accessory. Our Black Slip Satin Backless Dress offers all of this.

Add value to your wardrobe with a maxi dress 

Have we convinced you yet why maxi dresses are pieces you cannot afford to NOT have in your closet? 

They're versatile and seasonless, and a wide range exists to fit your figure. When choosing a maxi dress, consider the accessories you plan to wear with it. The way you accessorize can completely transform your look from casual to formal.

Do you own a maxi dress already? Check out our outerwear and blazers they may enhance your look even more.
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