For any lady, the slip dress is one staple piece that should exist in their wardrobe, including yours! Slip dresses can be the perfect solution to navigating cocktail parties, brunches, or a casual get-together. They're versatile and elegant and come in various fabrics, lengths, colors, and patterns. 

Not forgetting the lightweight and silky fabric they're made of, making them an ideal dress for all seasons. If you select them correctly, they can be a piece you can count on repeatedly, reducing the risk of any fashion disaster.

To pick the perfect slip dress, carry on with us in this article. Today, we will share our secrets to styling slip dresses with our ultimate guide! 

How to Choose a Slip Dress for Different Body Types

To pick the right slip dress, you must know which ones can compliment your figure. If worn correctly, a slip dress can balance your body proportions and help enhance certain areas of your body, like your collarbone and neckline. To help you find the best versatile slip dress, take into account the following: 


These dresses match hourglass body types, as they gently hug your curves and softly drape over them. They can subtly highlight your feminine shape and show off your waistline if worn correctly.

You'll want to wear slip dresses with a subtle V neckline to show your bust and look balanced. Select slip dresses with stretch-like fabrics whenever possible, as you'll want them to drape your body. 

Our recommendation: Alexa Green 

Apple shape

If you have an apple-shaped figure, you'll want to select a slip dress that pays attention to your waist but does not cling to it. Whenever possible, look for loose slip dresses that have a casual, relaxed fit; they should slightly drape over your midsection. Opt for wrap style or v necklines, they will shift attention upwards to add length to your physique. 

Our recommendation: Black Silk Slip


Slip dresses can show off your sporty physique and infuse femininity. The best way is to select slip dresses with spaghetti straps or ones that subtly highlight your arms or shoulders. Look for more figure-hugging dresses or belted ones that define your waistline. If you're lean and less curvy, try playing around with pleats, ruffles, and curves that give you a feminine shape. 

Our recommendation: White V Neck Slip



If you have a petite figure, a slip dress can add length and show your streamlined body. To do this, select slip dresses with shorter lengths, such as mini or above the knee. These types of dresses will stop you from looking like you're drowning in them. To add height, you might want to wear dresses with vertical stripes. 

Our recommendation: Sky Blue Slip


Whenever possible, select slip dresses that drape over your curvy physique. Go for dresses with a wrap style to add definition to your waist and balance out your silhouette. If you want to look more slim, opt for darker colors and knee-length or midi-length slip dresses.

Our recommendations: Sky Blue Satin Midi Slip


Styling Slip Dresses for Casual and Formal Settings

Remember earlier when we mentioned you can wear slip dresses for any occasion? Well, it's true; here are some quick tips on how to wear it for any casual or formal outing: 


Wearing slip dresses for day-to-day wear or relaxed outings is pretty simple; the key is to dress it down. Wear a pair of white sneakers whenever possible, and wear a denim jacket or even a T-shirt underneath. If you keep it casual, you might want to accessorize it with a crossbody bag or some subtle jewelry. 


Are you looking to make a statement with a slip dress? Then it's best to wear nothing underneath and wear some high heels to add elegance. The key to wearing slip dresses for a formal event is to take on a less-is-more approach. The best type of slip dresses for formal events are satin or silk. Try going for a high ponytail or voluminous curls to highlight your dress. 

Layering Techniques with Slip Dresses

One of the best parts of a slip dress is you can add layers to it, making it look like a new outfit every time you wear it. Layers are also perfect for colder weather servicing as a perfect winter warmer. Here are some top layering techniques:

Wear a t-shirt or turtleneck under

If you're looking for additional coverage, place a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath. If your slip dress is made out of silky satin fabric, opt for a fitted t-shirt so there are fewer creases in the dress. The same applies to a turtleneck; go for a tight-fitting option if it's colder. White t-shirts always work wonders and pair well with any color. However, you can always experiment with other options too!

Add a lightweight sweater over

Give the illusion you're wearing a skirt by adding a lightweight sweater over. To save yourself from looking too baggy, go for a cropped sweater showing off your waist. This provides an illusion of a top and skirt combination. 

Wear pants underneath

Go for a 90s look by slinging on pants underneath your slip dress. Since slip dresses are so simple, try wearing wide-legged or flowy pants, adding interest to your image. These types of pants go well with any length of slip dress. 

Seasonal Advice for Slip Dress Enthusiasts

Styling slip dresses in every season is quite simple; try out the following: 


In winter, think of warmth and layers! Opt for turtlenecks or t-shirts underneath and a chunky sweater over. You can't go wrong with tights underneath and pairing them with a set of knee-high boots to keep you looking chic. Some good winter colors are dark grey, burgundy, and charcoal. 


Stick to soft pastel colors for spring slip dresses to embrace the transition of a warmer season. Denim jackets, sockets, and cardigans are always ideal for pairing with slip dresses as they still add warmth during the change of weather. 


When the summer season arrives, you'll want to go for lightweight fabrics and sweat-wicking ones. Try and opt for satin, silk and materials that allow much airflow during the hot weather. Stick with the summer vibes by going for bright colors and playful prints. These dresses in the summer season always pair well with sandals or wedges. 


As the weather gets cooler, wear your slip dress with subtle layers. Some great ones to consider are cardigans, denim jackets, and scarves. Earth tones are also great for this look, from mustard yellow, olive green, orange, and rust. If you want a casual fall look, wear some ankle boots. 

The Evolution of Slip Dress Trends

If you think about the slip dress, your mind will probably go to the 90s, but the fashion extends well beyond that. This convenient dress was a hit in the Middle Ages, and then the French used it as Chemise (underwear).

In the 1700s, Marie Antoinette transformed this concept into the underwear and outerwear movement. Since then, slip dresses haven't really been used for fashion. Instead, they were used for more functional purchases, such as being worn into clothes in the 1960s-1980s. Then, in the 90s, the slip dress became a fashionable dress. 

In Summary 

Overall, the slip dress is one chic piece that isn't limited to a single season. With a slip dress, you can dress it up or down with layers. Many celebrities wear this easy-to-wear dress, and it exudes sophistication. If you plan on wearing a slip dress, the best advice we could give is to select one that suits your body type. To learn more about slip dresses, check out our collection

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