Are you happy with your body? If you're unsatisfied with your appearance, you're not the only one. In 2019, it was estimated that 20-30% of women were unhappy with their bodies. 

Now, four years on, with the dramatic rise of even more unhealthy filters on Instagram, unrealistic photoshopped images on ads and FAD fitness trends on TikTok, we're pretty confident that figure is A LOT MORE.

But, at Elagia, we're here to tell you to ignore what you see online. You should define your OWN standards of body type. We women are amazing, and alongside the magnificent functions our body undergoes. Just remember, appearance is not a one-size-fits-all; factors like genetics, age and lifestyle can influence how we look.

If you're conscious of your body image, there's one piece of clothing that always holds a flattering fit. They're long-sleeve dresses. These dresses are iconic and timeless, and many are designed to complement various figures. 

With them, you don't need to think about unrealistic body expectations. Love to learn your figure, and find the right long-sleeve dress to complement it in this article today. 


Occasions Best Suited for Long-Sleeve Dresses

What we LOVE about long sleeve dresses is they are the epitome of elegance, style and femininity. They’re versatile and can be worn in any setting or occasion. 

Got an event coming up? Here are some of the best occasions that long sleeve dresses are perfect to wear: 


Formal events 

Cocktail parties, black ties, engagements, weddings, or any formal events you may have lined up are great choices for wearing long-sleeved dresses. While there’s a range of styles, you should specifically consider the fabric for formal events. Satin, silk or lace can add sophistication and elegance to your image. 

Our pick:  Black Satin Midi



Long-sleeved dresses for office or meetings can add a polished look. When looking for this type of dress, neutral colors, knitted dresses, and a tailored fit can enhance your professionalism.

Our pick: Beige Silk Long Sleeve


Dinner dates

If you are struggling to select the ideal item for your next date night, then opt for a long-sleeved dress. Dresses with a scoop neck, v-neck, boat neck or off-the-shoulder can subtly showcase your skin, making you look flattering yet not too revealing. 

Our pick: Black Satin One Cut Shoulder 


Styling and Accessorizing Long Sleeve Dresses

Elevate your confidence levels with these pro styling tips to wear with long sleeve dresses:


Look slender with an open neck

If you want to look slimmer in a long-sleeved dress, then always go for one with a v-neckline. A dress with a wrap design always works wonders, accentuating your neck and leaving you looking longer and leaner. Our black long sleeve collarless maxi dress can leave you looking slim and sophisticated. 


Wear a belt

Do you wish to showcase your hourglass figure? Then opt for wearing a belt with a long-sleeve dress. Wearing a belt can cinch your waist, adding definition to your figure and highlighting your flattering curves. This especially works well if you have a pencil or A-line style dress. 


Add a pullover 

If you’re wanting to look snug and add more comfort to your look, then wear a pullover. Pullovers work well with an elegant long-sleeve dress that has extended hems. If you’ve got a neutral dress, one with a classic white sweatshirt can add class.


Try jewelry  

Jewelry can add a sense of sophistication to a chic long-sleeved dress. The trick to selecting the right jewelry is the type of long-sleeve dress you have. 

For instance, if you have an open neckline, then a choker or a statement piece is best. Whereas if you have a small neck opening, then a chain or a long pendant that fits your chest can add a subtle, stylish touch. 


Seasonal Tips for Wearing Long-Sleeve Dresses

A versatile long-sleeve dress can be worn pretty much every season. The right dress can be timeless and save your bank balance the burden of buying into trends subject to fast fashion. The key to making it survive and thrive in every season is how you wear it and what you pair it with. 

Here are some top tips according to each season: 



You should always think of two words when it comes to winter: layer up. 

Always aim for a warmer fabric like wool or cashmere whenever possible, but if you can't, then you need layers. Start from the inside out by wearing black tights for daytime or sheer ones for a formal event.

If you plan on wearing it for a casual setting, add a pullover, cardigan, or trench coat to keep you warm while staying stylish. Whenever possible, wear complimentary colors and textures that pair well with your dress. 


Spring can be a tricky time of year for long-sleeve dresses. This season doesn't exactly provide the scorching heat experienced in summer, nor has it shaken off the chills from winter. For this reason alone, aim to wear a bright scarf for a bold look that also keeps you comfortable. 

Stay in sync with the spring vibes by wearing pastel colors, florals, and light colors to add a rejuvenating and fresh look. You might want to play around with lengths as it gets warmer by trying a midi or knee-length dress. 



For the summer season, you have to think about breathability and comfort. Lightweight, long-sleeved dresses made of cotton or linen are best to wick away sweat and moisture. 

Similarly, loose, fitting styles and light colors can help you stay cool. Try experimenting by wearing long-sleeve dresses with cut-out or open-back designs for additional ventilation.



Just like the winter season, once the temperatures drop in fall, layering up becomes a good idea again. Tights or leggings work well in fall, saving you the chill. 

Pairing your long-sleeve dress with knee-high boots or a sweater can create an autumn vibe. Some colors for this season are earthy tones like olive green, mustard, caramel, orange and brown. 


Latest Fashion Trends in Long Sleeve Dresses

Are you a style-conscious shopper who wants to wear what’s hot right now? Try out these trends:


Ruffle long sleeve dress

Ruffle long-sleeve dresses can be perfect for transitioning from warm to cool temperatures. This breathable dress can be paired with ankle boots for casual wear or stilettos for a glamorous night out. 


Long sleeve knit dress

Ribbed long-sleeve dresses can be figure-enhancing, hugging your body. Many are made of stretchy nylon, which is comfortable to wear in winter, spring, and fall. The timeless style of this dress goes with any footwear. 


Different sleeves 

Bell, puffed, or flared sleeves are taking the fashion industry by storm by adding volume to the arms. In contrast, fitted sleeves give a clean and sleek look. 


Cocktail dresses 

One trend that’s popular every year is cocktail long-sleeve dresses. They add a particular element of sex appeal and sophistication to social events. Most of the time, these dresses are shorter and have various styles, from loose fit to body con. To add elegance, look for slits, off-the-shoulder designs, or sheer sleeves.


Which dress is right for you? 

Overall, long-sleeved dresses are a staple piece that can be worn throughout the year. The secret to selecting the right long-sleeved dress is thinking about your body type, sleeve style, and length. For everything else, you can add or remove layers and accessories for every event.

At Elagia, we have a stunning collection of long-sleeved dresses perfect for work, formal wear, and even brunches with your friends. Look elegant for your next event with various styles, from wrap, square neck, backless, puff sleeves, and more. 

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