Looking for a dress that gives you the WOW factor? Then you can’t go wrong with a wrap dress. This versatile garment is a flattering piece for any body type or occasion and can be worn all year round. 

Wrap dresses have no restrictions to styling and accessorizing, being a piece that can look like a new store-bought item every time you wear it. But you don’t want to purchase just any wrap dress. You must know about the fabrics, styles, patterns, colors, and accessories that complement your body type. 

Dive into the world of wrap dresses with us below. 


What Is a Wrap Dress? 

Believe it or not, wrap dresses have been around for over half a century by now! It's crazy to think they first appeared in 1972, setting the fashion world by storm thanks to the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg

Back then, this dress was synonymous with the women's liberation movement of the 70s. However, from the 90s onwards, they became a popular garment for other occasions, serving as a timeless piece loved by many! 

So what makes them special?

Well, the clue is in its name. Wrap dresses provide a front closure by wrapping one side over the other, tying at the back and waist. 

Most of the time, they have a v-neck and flared skirt. The gap of the v-neck is often adjustable, allowing you to tighten or loosen the dress according to your comfort level.


Versatile Occasions for Wearing Wrap Dresses

The versatile wrap dress can be pretty much worn in almost every setting. Here’s some inspiration on how to wear them for different events: 


Date night

Got a romantic dinner date coming up with your partner? Then, a wrap dress can be seductive yet sophisticated. One style ideal for a romantic setting is a flowy wrap dress with a plunge neck. 

Whenever possible, try to opt for a comfortable fabric like chiffon so you can easily move around. Pair it with some statement jewelry, heels, and some bold red lipstick, and we’re confident you’ll get your date head over heels for you. 

Our favorite: Green Wrap Long Sleeve


Daily wear

Looking for something practical to wear time and again? Materials like cotton or jersey can be easy to sling on with sneakers or flats. Practical, comfortable, yet chic to perform your daily errands.

Our favorite: Lavender Wrap Short Sleeve



Are you planning a Saturday brunch with your girlfriends? Then, think fun, playful, and flirty with a comfortable and bright cotton wrap dress. If you’re doing it in spring or summer, go for short sleeves to help keep you cool and comfortable. 

Our favorite: Mint Puffed Sleeve Belted


Work wear

Are you looking for something different to wear for the office? Then, opt to wear a wrap dress with a tailored fit. Look to wear a dress that’s also comfortable to wear made out of linen, silk, or cotton. Style the dress with stud earrings, flats, or boots, enhancing your professional image.

Our favorite: Moco Puffed Sleeve


Accessorizing Tips for Wrap Dresses

Want to level up your look? Then here are some top accessorizing tips for wearing a wrap dress:


1. Layer up with leggings 

Add leggings to your wrap dress if you prefer to stay casual and comfortable. But to make them blend in with your wrap dress, go for leggings that are not too tight and choose darker over light; this can create a slimming effect. 


2. Wear jewelry

Add jewelry to flaunt your personality. But don’t just pick any necklace; you have a few things to bear in mind before you buy. First of all, think about the neckline of your wrap dress. If you have a low neckline, wear a short necklace or choker. 

Then think about the color; for instance, contrasting gold jewelry can exude elegance if you have a white dress. Whereas black or navy dress, silver or a diamond necklace. Similarly, select a colorful piece of jewelry if you’re wearing a colorful dress.

Finally, think about the style of the dress and the vibe you’re trying to go for. You might want something loose if you’re wearing a flowy dress. Whereas a silk little black wrap dress might need something more glamorous and captivating. 


3. Think about your shoes 

While not quite an accessory, shoes are an important piece of clothing you cannot overlook with a wrap dress. If you opt for a casual summer look, wear espadrilles, wedges, or sandals. Meanwhile, if you want to doll up for an evening event, think about heels, platforms, or ankle boots. 


4. Shawls

If you’re seeking an item to pull your outfit together, shawls can add glamor. They’re especially fitting if you have a silk or satin evening wrap dress. Go for lace, fringe, fur, or beaded shawls to weave together a swanky look.


5. Add a hat 

Add a hat to your wrap dress if the occasion fits. For a relaxed, casual, and summer look, wear a wide-brimmed hat. However, if you want something more sophisticated, a fedora or beret works well.


Selecting the Right Fabric and Pattern

To truly find a flattering dress for your figure, you must always be conscious of the fabric and the pattern.



Fabric can make or break how you feel and appear in your wrap dress. If you want to feel comfortable and breathable, go for a flowy natural drape like silk or jersey. If you want the dress to be figure-hugging, opt for knits or a jersey to show off your curvature. 

When selecting your fabric, always think about the season. Chiffon and lightweight jerseys can be great for warmer weather, whereas cotton and heavier jerseys are ideal for winters. 



Wrap dresses can come in various patterns, but the pattern you pick can make a significant difference to your look. Before selecting a pattern, think about your body shape. For instance, if you have an apple body shape, you might want to wear horizontal stripes to balance your body evenly. 

Whereas if you have a rectangular shape, animal prints can add the illusion of curves. Moreover, diagonal lines can make you look slender if you want to look slimmer. In addition to your shape, think about the type of impression you wish to make. 

Wrap dresses with large prints or bold patterns can make a statement, whereas smaller ones can be more versatile and subtle. 


Current Trends in Wrap Dress Fashion

Are you someone who loves to follow fashion trends? Here are some popular wrap dress fashion trends predicted to be a hit in 2024.


Midi wrap dress 

Midi wrap dresses are subtle garments that perfectly blend formal and casual wear. You can easily identify this dress by the length of its hem; it just sits below the knee and above your ankle. These dresses are great for the office, especially if you add a modest kitten heel to them. 


Puff sleeves

One popular type of wrap dress in the fashion world that's being flaunted by many is one with puffed sleeves. Puff sleeves add a feminine touch to formal wrap dresses, creating a more elegant and well-balanced look. If you want to add volume to your shoulders and look like a powerful woman, these sleeves can do the trick. 


Maxi wrap dress

A maxi wrap dress is a long dress that is great for summer vacations or outdoor wear. They're predicted to be a hit this year, just like its popularity in the previous years.  This dress hemline falls belows the ankle. The best maxi wrap dresses provide a flirty and playful look, giving you movement outdoors on your vacation.


Which wrap dress is for you? 

Wrap dresses are a stunning staple piece everyone needs. If you can, you should own at least one of them in your closet. To choose the right wrap dress, pay close attention to your figure, pattern, fabric, and social events lined up. 

If you've got one already and want to change up your look, think about the accessories to style it with. Experimenting with different jewelry, layers, shawls, and shoes can make you look like you have a brand-new outfit for different events!

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