Elagia Corp is an online fashionable online space that presents original collections of women's clothing in casual style with trendy accents. Our mission is to help girls create a versatile, well-thought-out wardrobe, elements of which will help to create a memorable look every time.

We are based in Colorado, US. Operating as an online store only. 

Trendy collections for every occasion

The key models of the collections are suits, jumpsuits, blazers, tops, pants, outwear, as well as blouses and jumpers that fit into the overall composition of any wardrobe and remain relevant for several seasons.

Our catalog contains interesting looks that can be safely taken as a basis for both daytime and evening outfits and at the same time always look luxurious. A fresh look at everyday fashion and compliance with fashion trends make our collections as appropriate as possible to current trends.

Elagia models are made in the brand's corporate style: with a laconic design and a rich palette of shades, in a word, they are universal.

For more information, feel free to contact us: info@elagia.com

Call us: +1 415 649 93 98